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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Rain water is never good in your bedroom.

Here's my slice of the day---
I am finally well and feeling like myself again. I had strep throat, which I took to my Mom and Dad's house and shared with them. I hope they don't get it!! This feeling better is a GREAT thing, because yesterday, we had rain water come into our bedroom, closet and bathroom!! Well, it's also great because I can swallow without pain. That is one thing I take SO for granted. That and breathing.

But to the problem---the water in the house, not covered by insurance. Flood insurance? Why would we need it? Well, because we had water coming down in bucketfuls for like an hour yesterday. The fence on the side of the house was holding it in the backyard like a dam, which pushed it up against the walls of our bedroom. I don't know how much water it was, but I have never seen it get up over our low deck. The problem came when it did that, because it's level with our foundation. We're on a slab foundation, and the water just came on in the "weep holes" as someone told me about.

Ug. I was going to stay home today and rest and work on my class's notebooks for the end-of-year. But here I am washing towels and clothing from yesterday, trying to figure out what to do, using the Rug Doctor we rented right away last night, sucking up as much water as I can before we peel back our carpet and dry it out. And now I'm sick to my stomach from my strep throat medication, trying to take a break. A short little break. I feel guilty!

In my mind I'm trying to get it all done at once, but I can only work one step at a time. One step. One step. One step. My next step is to fold a load of clothes. I can do that. The next step is to move some more stuff out of my bedroom. If you've ever been in there, you know this is no small task. I am a stash-and-dash cleaner, and I shut that door when company is here.

I have thought maybe God wanted me to clean my room, and this was the not-so-gentle whisper to get it done. But why right now when I had a full agenda already?

The other bad news of yesterday was that a part of my tooth fell off. A tooth with a gigantic filling running down the middle of it. The outside part just popped out when I was eating some popcorn. Just a sliver, but come on!! I thought that was going to be my big story of the day until it rained.




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