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Monday, April 23, 2007

The week in review

I had to write this Sunday night and Monday morning. So if you haven't seen the new part, read on!

This could be a really long post, since I wanted to write all week and am just getting it done tonight! I will try to be brief---but alot has happened. Take a look at my 363 Blog to see one picture of every day of last week, too.

I had arranged a fun ladies' lunch at The T Garden. These are all ladies form my workplace. Three of us were having April birthdays, so another 4 joined in. It was devine! I ate the salad sampler plate---fruit salad, the T Garden spinach salad (with candied walnuts, dried cranberries and house poppy seed dressing), and sweet chicken salad. That's me in the front in white sweater and turquois skirt.

That evening, I went to Freebird's with the family. Yea! a no-cooking day!

This picture shows J and Larry perusing the Houston newspaper---it has so many comics in it!

I went to work, as usual, and taught my 16 pre-shoolers all the wonders of the world (sorta). But they surprised me at 1:00 with a birthday party! Look at all my presents. I was happy to receive so many homemade cards and gifts from the heart. Lots of different items!

Tuesday night B and Larry had practice for softball, J had Troupe, and I had a meeting about J's graduation celebrations. Unfortunately, his big Troupe production coincides with the same weekend everyone else voted for the grad dinner. :-( It was a really disappointing evening, as far as timing goes. I am so ready to just get J out of 5th grade and onto something different. Whew! I am praying for him to find a new friend or two that he really connects with in junior high next year.
I got a package from my sister---filled with books and a present. You'll have to jump over to the photo blog to ses the present! I don't think anything else really noteworthy happened, just regular work and school and then church that evening. I almost kept both kids home from church. B was having bad mornings---she is not getting enough sleep, I think---so I thought she might want to stay home and go to bed early. Of course, she was the one begging to go to Bible class. J was having his last TAKS test of the school year on Thursday night, so I thought maybe he needed to get on to bed, too. But we went on to church, and no one was the worse for it. I am concerned about the family getting enough rest now that we're out so much in the evenings with softball and J's big production coming up. If I don't protect their rest, no one else will!! They don't appreciate rest (being kids!), and no one else thinks about that. I also don't know many other families getting up at 6 a.m. like we do. They may be okay going to bed at 9 if they get up at 7. But we're an hour short.
Another day of work and school for everyone, but the evening was filled with B's softball game. Here are some shots of her hitting and then the after game huddle. They won their first game this season, 6 to 2, on our home field. B was happy they won, but a little moody because she didn't make a hit this game. :-(
The bad news of the day was that my new littel MP3 player I got from Larry just stopped working. I had tried to put some new songs on it, and it stopped. I was enjoying that present a lot! :-( That evening J and Larry went to a Troupe production by the Troupedore's group, and B and I stayed home for the evening. They enjoyed the show of songs from movies.
Larry had to work this day, so the kids and I had errands to run all over town.
J asked to go to the library. (I have been waiting for this day to happen!!!!) He said he is "addicted to these Animorphs books."
While there, we ran into the "Earth Day Celebration" downtown. The kids got free snow cones and cotton candy---how earth-friendly, right??? There were booths and activities. B did the climbing tower. Everything was free!
We also ate out at McDonald's. The kids can get free food for As. It's a wonderful thing! B got all As (her lowest grade was 97!!) and J got 4 As and one B. So B got a whole
Happy Meal, and J got the meal minus the toy, which I ate because he wanted an adult-sized meal.
Then we went to the bank and Hobby Lobby for supplies for the Girl Scouts meeting on Tuesday. And we looked for a bathing suit for J, but ended up buying a shirt apiece for the kids.
B wanted to wash our vehicles, so she did that and I took her picture. I still need to pay her a bit for the job!
We had our ususal church time and I had my nap---thank goodness!! I had one more birthday celebration in Tabitha Class!! We got to eat candy bars and have punch and they made me a card. We made friendship bracelets and Mrs. B had scriptures about friends. I think the girls were really listening! ;-) After that, J performed his dramam skit from LTC. They got their awards last night, and J got a gold on his drama skit! Yea for them!
So much going on ! Thanks for reading about us! :-)

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