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Saturday, April 07, 2007

bloggin' on the road

Hahaha! I am blogging from a hotel in Houston, TX. Just down the road a couple of hours from our home. J is competing ing LTC----Leadership training for Christ. This is like a U.I.L event (if you even know what that is in your part of the world!) for kids who go to churches of Christ. Our event is Central Texas LTC. I am not sure how many people are here, but we have taken over the 3rd floor of the convention center and various parts of the Hilton hotel. Also sharing the hotel is a convention of fraternity brothers from apparently "traditionally African-American" Universities. Very well dressed men were lining up on the third floor of the hotel last night for one of the ballrooms, and I could smell something So delicious coming out of there. I think it was steak, or at least some manly beef product.

But I digress. J was in a Drama group----having to move up to the 7th-9th grade division because at least one of the other kids was in junior high. They were in the first group to perform in our room. There were three rooms with drama groups performing yesterday. They did really well, but do not knowwhat their results were. They can get "gold"for their best efforts, "silver" for somewhat less, and "bronze" for something less than that. I think they need a gold! :-) Mommy bias.

We had a quick sandwich supper in one of our friends' rooms, and then J was off to Bible Bowl. He had to study the book of Acts for this year, and he was ready to take the test. He was the only one of us from our church competing in his age group----we had a group compete as a 4 person team in the older group, too. J was odd man out, so he went and joined up with some other random kids! ;-)

J got an individual "gold"for his own score---he got 30 out of 35 right. (They were not easy questions! We followed along in the back of the room.) His team competed and got a "silver" which he was happy with. We had forced J into competing this year---he has a good memory, but he is not competitive unless he feels like it is worth it to him! So I didn't know how much he was trying or paying attention in their prep classes. But apparently he was paying attention pretty well!

So Yea J!

The kids went swimming UPstairs after Bible Bowl and loved it. Some of the older ones went, too. Larry supervised. I stayed in my room and watched the last of the movie "Cast Away" and knitted and ate some snacks I had brought.

Time to go get the breakfast!



  • CONGRATULATIONS to J on his Gold Medal. It is hard to earn a Gold, but I knew he could do it. How he has grown and matured this year!

    By Anonymous Belva, at Saturday, April 07, 2007 8:40:00 AM  

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