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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, March 24th

The theme for this week is Empty.
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This is am empty Kyle Field, home of the fightin' Texas Aggies. This picture is from this summer when my husband and kids were there adding padded seat backs to the stands. The season ticket holders bought the padded seats, and the company paid different groups to put the seats in. This picture doesn't even show third deck on the opposite side. That's the student side over there. Padded seats are only for the old Ags! :-) The students all stand throughout the game.

Kyle Field can hold more than 82, 000 people on game days. This year, Larry worked the games as an usher, down on the track in the corner where the visiting band and fans would be sitting. Game Day is the opposite of empty!

Next week the theme is Water.
Please check out my photo blog---a picture a day in 2007---Project 363.
Today is B's half birthday! I took a Subway sandwich to her school lunch yesterday to celebrate. We always joke that we're going to make a half a cake for the half-birthday person, and give half the birthday spankings. Sometimes we'll sing half the birthday song---
Happy . . . to . . .
Happy . . . to . . .
Happy . . . dear . . .
Happy . . . to . . . !
Now B can proudly say she's 8 and a half!!



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