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Monday, March 12, 2007

Movie Review---Zodiac

Oooo! I saw an R-rated movie last night. I am always a little leery of those R-ratings, because it could mean a bunch of gore, a bunch of sexy scenes (they make me uncomfortable!), or a bunch of bad language. Fortunately for me, this movie didn't have the sexy scenes, but it did have a bit of the bad words. And killings---but I expected this in a movie about the Zodiac killer.

Larry and I dropped the kids at a Troupe lock-in. They were safe and sound and watching a troupe version of American Idol as we left. B brought her knitting and hoped she would not be the youngest one---but it looked like she was! I think the older girls take care of her, though.

This left the night to us---two grownups who were free to see R-rated movies and stay up as late as we thought we could---considering Lar had to go to work at 8 the next day.

There were not very many people in the theater, but every one was paired up as a couple. Just like us, I guess, out for the night. And the Aggies are out-of-town right now---it's spring break! So theaters, restaurants, and roads are much less busy. It was an 8:00 showing of Zodiac.

It is a long movie (with the previews, almost 3 hours), and it's a thinking movie. I was having a hard time keeping some of the lesser characters straight. I LOVE Anthony Edwards because I love that era of E.R. that he was on TV, so I liked that character. I liked the main character, but I was annoyed he got married and then left his wife to the kids and made her feel unsafe. I even liked the Robert Downey, Jr. character---as he slipped into a stupor. Larry and I were trying to figure out how we knew the Police detective Toschi-----he's Mark Ruffalo. I've seen lots of things he's been in.

I loved the music in the background that was period-specific. I was creeped out considerably by the end, but as in real life, so many questions are still out there. I wondered how close to real life it was. Is there really a book about this like the main character was writing? It wasn't super-gory, too. There were murders, but not all kinds of blood-spurting or anything. Whew! I was able to make it! I was intrigued and entertained! I didn't want to leave until I knew who the Zodiac was. I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars. :-)



  • The older I get the less tolerance I have for drama altogether. I had to stop watching ER when I started teaching in the ghetto. My nerves are tested enough all day. At night I find I need much lighter fair,like Dancing with the Celebrities. Although, Greys did get me this year. However, date night is always first rate!

    The pinata party looks AWESOME!

    By Blogger Jane, at Monday, March 12, 2007 6:03:00 PM  

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