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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pinata Party

This is post #195---I'm getting closer . . . and I'm up to 85 things on my 100Things post.

Here is the post with many pictures about the Dual Language Birthday Party. We were celebrating the Dual Language Program with pinatas, birthday cake and entertainment. The lady in the green sweater is the one who made the pretty cakes--one in English, one in Spanish. She was J's 4th grade teacher.

That's me in the red T-shirt holding a cake. Ug I wish I had looked cuter, but I was going for comfort and it was about 80 degrees that day. But we had fun.

This backlit picture is Dr. MacArthur, who's responsibe for getting the program here in Bryan.

These kids were from J's school, and they did a great job.

And this is B hitting the pinata. I helped stuff the pinatas. They were loaded down with candy.
We were very encouraged by our big turnout on the last day before spring break!

DL Pinata Party



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