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Friday, February 23, 2007

A bad combo

This is post 183, and I am thinking of doing a "100 Things (about me)" post for #200. I didn't know you were supposed to do 100 things for your 100th post until after I had done my 100th. I don't think anyone will read 200 things about me! So 100 things for 200, it will be. How many days will it be to 200?

This picture is for my Mom's amusement.

I was allergy tested when I was 6, and had numerous numerous food allergies. I got a stomachache whenever I would eat these things, so I learned to read lables early on. I don't pay much attention to these food allergies since they don't bother me like they used to. But too many foods in one meal, and I do get a stomachache. This meal contains the following, all of which I am allergic to:

chicken, soy, sesame seeds, rice, green beans, garlic, and pineapple.

What was I thinking? I wanted to make a Chinese dish from scratch, so I chose this yummy Sesame Chicken Dish from Of course I had to serve rice with it. And what other veggie seems good? Oh! green beans, since B will still eat them if she doesn't like the main dish. I let J come in the kitchen and pick out a fruit to go with the meal. So that part was his choice. As I was getting the dishes ready, and as I looked at my filled plate, it dawned on me, "This is a stomachache in the making." I grabbed a glass of milk to wash it down with. The milk always seemed to soothe my tummy of the pain! I survived by just eating light and using that milk! It turned out deliciously, I thought. :-)

Right, Mom? Isn't that the worst combination I could have come up with?



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