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Monday, February 12, 2007

how we're doing today

J is doing better--finally! He was running fever again yesterday afternoon---100.3. I think we're finally out of the woods with this, though, no fever this morning at all. Whew! I was going to call the doctor's office this morning if he was running fever again. 4 days of fever seems like an awful lot.

We just finished watching Star Wars Episode 3, the saddest of them all. Anakin and Padme---so pretty, so in love---but you know they're doomed from the beginning. Because you know the ending! Ug! It's painful to watch. So why did I? I was cleaning up all the receipts here in the living room, inputting them into the computer, and I couldn't get away. I just love it, anyway! The music, Yoda, those cool Wookie aircraft, the first sight of Darth Vader in the "the" costume. Ahh . . . I just love it.

B made a Girl Scout cookie poster this morning, and it's great. I did help her some, but it was all her vision. We will be working a booth at HEB grocery store next Saturday. I hope we can sell a lot of cookies!!

The kids are off from school today, one more day J can recover. It is a teacher workday. I am calling this "Clean Up the Bedrooms Day" although the kids are not as enthused about it as they ought to be. I didn't really count on this being something they wanted to do!

My do-do list:
laundry, 2 loads washed, which is 3 loads to fold and put away (One already in the dryer.)
upkeep dishwasher
cook dinner---spaghetti and meatballs
go eat lunch with Larry and kids--a treat on their day off.
take recyclables to re-cy center
read Bible (these two things are not going really consistently)
put away all scrapbooking stuff---heh heh it's been out a few days!!
vacuum high traffic areas---and bedrooms, if I can get the kids on track

And two things are lost that I am really thinking about constantly:
a DVD from Blockbuster online---so I'm not in a hurry (no due date), but it's somewhere in this house
B's Girl Scout Cookie form! with a bunch of orders on it! Some cookie orders were on another form, and those are under control, but I have to figure out what to do about the ones on the other form. Ug. I guess I'll have to re-ask everyone. That form was last seen at church.

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