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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, February 17th

The theme for the week is Antique. Check out other hunters here.
The antiques I chose were things we got from Larry's Dad. he and Larry's mom liked to go antique hunting, and these things were some finds of theirs and some things handed down in the family. The bookcase itself is a "barrister's bookcase" which really did belong to a lawyer. The encyclopedia set is from 1879--Encyclopedia Brittanica, ninth edition. (Apparently the 11th editionis th "the" one people want!) The encylopedias were bought at auction also; it's a complete set! We like having that old Texas Aggie record album in there, since we're Aggies. The butter press/mold and the little cookie cutter were from my grandmother. The iron, basket, butter churn, meat grinder, and books were from Larry's Dad's family.
Here's a closer look at the butter churn. I love it. It still would work, I think, but I would never try it.

Larry's Dad was born in 1919, and these things belonged to his parents or grandparents. So that makes them really really old, but I do not have dates or even the stories straight about what belonged to whom.

Enjoy your day!! Next week's theme will be Soft. I already have ideas about this!!

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