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Friday, February 16, 2007

Newspaper clippings

No, I can't read it---but both my kids are able to! :-) I have scanned the article and I know it talks about the pretty dresses and Miss Texas and Miss Bryan that were there. B told me about how the girls all danced together, and the dads all danced with the girls on "YMCA" and "Butterfly Kisses."

This is a clipping from the Spanish-language newspaper in our town, La Voz Hispana. It's a free newspaper, so J came home from school with one today. On the front page was a picture with two of J's classmates, and his sister! Yes our B was on the front page in full color.

J's classmates are the ones on the far left and far right, 5th graders. They took pictures of the girls and dads at the Daddy-Daughter dance on Feb. 9th. It was for the kids in Milam and Jones Elementary Schools. There was another D-D dance going on the same night for 5 times the price at the Children's Museum. This one was really fun for B and her daddy. B had a lot of her friends from her class there.

Can you see B in her blue dress in this picture?
This last one has one of B's classmates in it, with her grand-dad, B thought.

It's always exciting to be in the newspaper.

J was also really excited to see this picture of teachers at his school---and his homeroom teacher! (She's the one "with child.") They were doing a dance to cheer them on to good performance on the TAKS tests (coming up on Tuesday).

I took a quiz I found on the blog My Many Colored Crayons, and I really liked finding out I am a red crayon! It was messing up when I tried to make a new post out of it, so I deleted it. But check out that blog! She is a teacher in a school in Los Angeles and it's really interesting. :-)



  • Great pictures! I swear you Texas schools do everything so nice! I wish we had a father daughter dance at our school! Thanks for the nod BTW! I also love coming over here. My visiting has been cut back by the crazy week of parent conferences and Valentines!

    By Blogger Jane, at Saturday, February 17, 2007 10:49:00 AM  

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