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Monday, February 19, 2007

Manic Monday

Larry got picked for jury duty today. He was #79 going in, and got picked as the 11th juror. He can't talk about it---until oit's over! Funny thing is, we got jury duty notices in the mail on the same day, but mine is for March 13th. But I can exempt myself because of being my children's caregiver. They told Larry he might be busy for all day tuesday and Wednesday, and they got started with the trial as soon as they seated them. He went in at 1:15, and they were in the courtroom by 3:30.

I think Larry doesn't mind serving on the jury. It is sort of interesting to see how the whole system works, and to be a part of, to do your duty. He got picked for a Grand Jury one time, and he had to go once a month for 6 months. That was interesting, too.

Larry won $20 to a restaurant and we ate on it for lunch today!! Look at my 363 blog to see where it was!

I went to the mall and got a new pair of jeans, new tennis shoes, and a light jacket. Everything was on sale, of course. :-) I am so excited about those purchases. Oh! I also got some Bath and Body Works products---the anti-Bacterial soaps were on sale 4 for $10. Yea!

In the bad news side of things, our friend, M.A., had a house fire yesterday. He is okay, and I think he stopped the fire pretty quickly, but some damage was done in the kitchen area and smoke damage everywhere. He sent an e-mail talking about how he thinks it was VERY fortunate he didn't suffer more or even die. Things could have been very different. he thinks it was a halogen lamp that popped and flew over to his kitchen table--so check out your lights!

J has the TAKS test tomorrow, so say a prayer for him and M.A., too. :-)



  • I have jury duty in April. I postponed it twice already, so I am for sure going to be doing my time in April. I wouldn't mind, so long as it's not too long. I don't get paid. We are supposed to postpone to a time when we are off track. So if we go in school time we need to use sick days. I couldn't go in December when I had off because we had already booked plane tickets. So I am stuck going during school. I would hate to get on something long and loose all the sick days I have been saving to one day use for maternity leave.

    By Blogger Jane, at Wednesday, February 21, 2007 11:28:00 PM  

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