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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, February 24th

The theme this week is Soft.
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This is my dog of long ago, Brownie. She was the best dog ever. Not only the best dog I've ever had, but I mean better than any other dog that ever lived, I am sure! I know 3 other people who would agree with me---my sister, my Mom and my Dad. :-) We got Brownie as the runt of her litter when I was in 6th grade. Her mother was a border collie, and her daddy---a brown neighborhood dog. We lived in town when we got her, but she moved with us to the "country" with no fences a little later. She ended up being the boss dog of the neighborhood. Brownie was an inside/outside dog, and she slept on our beds and under the coffee table and ran the house. She would often herd us all into the living room. She had one litter of puppies, and we kept her son, William with us. She would trick William into going outside and then stay inside with the family. She did not like to go out in the rain, and would dance on the porch whenever we would come home. Whenever her first owners, her mommy's owners, would come over, Brownie would tinkle on the ground she was so happy. She liked to chase the frogs around our house, and it made her foam at the mouth! But her softness was one of the nicest things about her. She listened to our teenaged problems while we stroked her fur, and there was no doublt that she loved us like we loved her. I didn't even mind all her fur all over the house! She died when I was in college. Mom called the dorm room and left a message with my roommate to call home asap. I was so sad about that. But her memory lives on, and I am always hoping to find such a loyal and wonderful companion.

Next week's theme will be Salty.
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