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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

. . . 199 . . .

I'm getting ready today for my sister and her family to come to our house. They are visiting for the first time since they have had children---and their oldest is four! We always before have met in the middle---our Mom's house. It's easier to go 3 and a half hours to the grandparents' than to go the 6 or 7 hours it will be to get from me---in Bryan, TX---to her---in OK City. I am really excited!!

My sister is also an Aggie, so we will be doing some Aggie-related things like visiting the Bonfire Memorial and eating at Laynes' chicken fingers (my sister's request) and The Chicken Oil Co. (burgers!). I planned on going to the Children's Museum on Friday with the kids. Since her husband is coming after all, maybe we can watch the kids and they can visit the George Bush Presidential Library. I think the men (and B?) may go to an Aggies Baseball game Friday night. We have som sketchy plans to go on down to Galveston on Saturday---to the beach!

My sister and I are more alike than we ever were. I thought we were so different when we were in high school together. But I guess since we grew up in the same house, we have some of the same genes, we both became mothers, we have to be very alike.

Many pictures will be taken this week, and I'll share them when I upload them!



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