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Sunday, April 01, 2007

ArtFest 2007

The school district's ArtFest was Saturday. We have gone for several years, even when the kids did not have anything in the show. I love to see all the different schools' artwork. Kids from Kindergarten to high school have their stuff displayed. All the Art teachers come and talk to the kids and parents about the things they've been making and learning about.

It's also fun because there are things you can make and take home. The kids supervising the "stations" I can only assume are Art Club members or something like that. I was in high school Art Club, so I always look at those kids with a sense of connection! This year, my kids really enjoyed making necklaces with round amulets to paint. The kids each made one for themselves and one for me. In this picture, the two tall kids in the middle are the high school kids, I'm assuming. My kids are on the outside edges of the picture. See them create?
This painting---a watercolor---was made by B's art teacher. She says she takes lessons in watercolor in the summer. Very nice!
I liked these Day of the Dead masks made by the high schoolers.

This is B's Storyteller Doll. Her art teacher said that they were learning about rhythm and form. The form of the grown-up doll, plus the repeating rhythm of the littler dolls on the big one. I saw a Storyteller Doll on Antiques Roadshow after B had been telling me about her project. B was really excited about her clay art, and talked about her progress week by week. (She gets art once a week.) Here is a link to some other student-made storyteller dolls. Here is a link to some authentic Pueblo Indian storyteller dolls. It's an interesting lesson, and B's teacher said they got a lot out of it. It was a 5th grade lesson, but she let those 2nd graders do it, and it paid off.

This next piece is J's bowl. He admits that he didn't intend for it to come out like this---it is low on one side--but sometimes unintentional happenings are what make things interesting and unique. I think it looks great. I especially love his colors and the choice of how he put his dots on.

The next one is B's crayon-resist painting. (I made that term up, but it's something like that!) She drew really hard with regular crayons, and then did a wash of black paint.
We saw several people we knew there and had a great time. I love Art!

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