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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, April 14th

Todays' theme for the hunt is Hobby.
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This is our little B enjoying her newest hobby---knitting. On this little piece, she was learning to purl, and is so pleased with herself. I realized after looking through her Brownie Try-It book, she can earn a Tri-It patch for her new hobby if she will "make time for her hobby" for a week, and do some brainstorming on paper about some other hobbies.

This knitting has been a really rewarding activity for the both of us! I just finished my scarf I was working on, and now I am making a dishcloth from a pattern one of the older ladies at church gave to me. She is sort of famous for those little dishcloths she makes, so I was honored she took the time to write it out for me.

I just updated my photo blog with pictures of my week. It involved tie-dyeing, folding clothes, and trains. Please have a look!

Next week's theme for the Photo Hunt is steps. I could interpret that in many ways!

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