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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tie-Dyeing with kids

This was my first time to try to lead the Brownies in a meeting. It turned out that the regular troop leader had her baby that day, so it was a good thing I was all lined up ready to go with this activity.
I could not have done this without my friend Tracy, who I worked with last year. She is pretty crafty at a lot of things, but this is one area she really is an expert in. So I recruited her to help---but she really had to take over and just tell the girls what to do.
Here is B tying up a shirt.

J even came with us that day---- I knew he'd want to make one, too. Each girl had a tray and a old towel piece to dye on. It really stayed pretty neat this way!

This is one tied shirt that I did at home----I was short a shirt when I ordered! This one came out really pretty.

The next day, B and I rinsed shirts for a half hour. We got half of them ready for the washing machine.

This is B's shirt. So pretty!

We were trying to rinse them in the sink until they ran clear---Tracy told me that it would be almost impossible to get them to this point, but to try as much as we could. Look at all those blue drops!

A little more rinsing. I do this in two groups so I could wash two loads.

This is the wash---blue bubbles! I used Dawn dishwashing liquid (per Tracy's advice).

I thought this looked neat with the water coming down onto the shirts.

I thought these two shirts came out the best! I tied those both, and B helped dye the little girls' shirt.

These three shirts were mine, B's and J's. The turquoise came out so beautifully when it dried. A lot of the shirts came out very green---our turquoise and yellow mixed for the nice green color.

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