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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, April 28th

This week's theme is "Rare." If you want to check out others' take on the subject, click here.
I love this picture of my grandmother and her friends, taken back in the 1940s. My Grandmother Betty is the one on the right. She was in college at this time, before she even met my grand-dad. She grew up in Maryville, TN, and she went to Maryville College. Don't they look like they're having fun in their bathing suits? Those rebels!
I think this fits the theme of "rare" today, because as time goes on the pictures and memories will be more and more rare. My grandmother passed away on Sept. 11, 2001---just a coincidence it happened THAT day. Once someone is gone, you know there are no more photos to be made---making the ones you have a rare and precious treasure.
Please go look at my photo blog---Project 363---I've been working hard on a GREEN WEEK of pictures and just posted a Tabblo of B's softball.
Next week's theme is Childhood! I have some fun things for that one! ;-)

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