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Monday, April 23, 2007

Shakespeare's birthday

Did you know? It is his birthday today---or is it? It is certainly recorded that he died on this day, and because of debatable ideas about how old he would have been when he got baptized (the 26th), his traditional birthday has been the 23rd. There are celebrations all around.

I took Shakespeare as a class two times---once as a sophomore at A&M and then again at UNT. It almost got me in trouble come graduation time!! I had to cry in my adviser's office (some advisor! She should have told me before I took it as an upperclassman that they wouldn't accept it!) At any rate, I got to count it. After all, I did learn different stuff in each class, and went over different plays.

One thing I miss about the Dallas/Fort Worth area is the free Shakespeare in the Park plays. It was so romantic, and Lar was just as enthused as I was about going. I think!

J will be doing the Seussification of Romeo and Juliet in May. I can't wait!! He got the part of the monk that marries the star-crossed lovers. Monk Larry is the name in this play! He will begin heavy-duty practice May 1st, and his opening night is the 17th.

I just made a cool thing on Tabblo that I added to my Project 363 blog----Please go check it out! ;-) It's the beginning of the Week of Green.



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