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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Illness has invaded the house again. It's strep throat this time, and B has it. I've been home with her this week---Monday and Tuesday so far---and she is sad she is missing school. Sad today because it is Art day for her class, and sad for missing tomorrow because one of her classmates will be passing out her birthday cupcakes. B has had fever as high as 102, and it started on Sunday. Her throat hurt, but no white spots on it! J had sore throat last Monday, and I took him in and he tested negative for strep. So I was thinking she got his germs. But it's different! She got a test at the doctor's office today and her antibiotics to clear it all up. In 24 hours, she'll be doing great. I hope!

I don't think I blogged about this yet---B's picture got chosen for the lunch calendar---quite an honor! In the fall, all the kids in Bryan, and 16 counties, will be getting a calendar with the lunch choices on it for the whole school year. B had her picture of a turkey beating a drum chosen for November. They include lots of little pictures on the "extra" squares, but B will have her picture on the big top part of november! They are going to mail us one, and I can't wait.

J had his talent show today, and he danced to "The Time Warp" (song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show). I was stuck at home with our ailing B, so Larry got off in time to go see him perform. He said the talent show went "great" which is a big "whew" in my book. We have had a lot of disappointments in talent shows! ;-) Tomorrow he will graduate from 5th grade---and then move onto junior high and 6th grade! Yikes! When did I get old enough for this?

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  • hey jenny,
    tell b i'm sorry she's sick and i totally understand the disappointment of bad timing with illness. geeez, isn't that a huge part of it??? hope she is feeling better soon! and congrats on the calendar thing, that is sooo cool! you need to post a picture of it for us all to see. and i wish i knew j better, he seems like a great character. someone who is going to be just outrageous as an adult, ya know?

    By Blogger janet, at Wednesday, May 23, 2007 9:48:00 AM  

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