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Friday, September 08, 2006

One thing leads to another . . .

Like you're so interested, I know, but here is B's toe. She took this one herself in the back seat of the car. As you can see, it isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be! She's already walking around with no band-aids.

That's partly because you can't swim with a band-aid on at the public pool, and all of second grade gets to swim during P.E. at her school this month. It is great that they get to do that. Her class walks across the street after lunch for swimming. She has P.E. 3 days a week.

Two pools in College Station had cryptosporidium in the waters. The local news station had a posting on their website about cryptosporidium from the CDC. It was really gross! It causes intestinal problems, and is spread via . . . intestinal ways. Both pools are open again after a "deep cleaning." All this talk has made me think that nowhere is really safe. All summer J put pool water in his mouth, and I told him he shouldn't (but does he listen?), since little kids pee in there. Now, we know there's fecal matter in pools, too, spreading cryptosporidium! Totally yucky. And I sure hope that the Bryan pools are testing for all this stuff, too. Maybe J would read that CDC piece . . .

Other worries: West Nile disease. One of my Sonshine School moms asked if we'd seen a lot of mosquitos on the playground. I hadn't, but she made me think about that possible danger as well.

Enough of the Bubble Boy Thoughts. I have to take chances by living life. If I really started thinking about it, I wouldn't drive a car. Or ever eat out.

Larry and I had to go to Home Depot this morning. For fence pickets. The dogs have busted three fence pickets and caused numerous hours of problems. So we bought a little supply, and Larry just got done putting the new ones up. Wednesday night we got home to find no dogs in the yard. Or in the neighbor's yard. They were found in the neighborhood still, but it took a while. Repairs were made. The dogs stayed home all day yesterday while we were gone to school and work. But this morning shortly after Larry and the kids left, another picket was broken, and Angel was in the neighbor's yard. I got her back in (by leaving her alone---she came home), and put both dogs in Zuzu's inside crate. Crowded! Larry came back home and saved the day.

Joy! While we were at Home Depot, we got a new microwave. Larry thought we ought to go ahead and get the venthood microwave, and boy is it fancy! We got a clearance model, about one-third off the price. I can't wait to use it. I wanted to go with white---I know, it is not trendy!----because all the cabinetry is painted white, and my fridge is white. The stove, old microwave and dishwasher are black. The countertops are light colored. So I thought maybe white would be good. But no white ones left on clearance, so we went with black. To match the stove? Whatever. For the one-third off, I was happy to get a really nice microwave in black. Joy!

I decided it is weird to save leftovers in plastic containers when you have no microwave. You have to get a glass dish out to re-heat it, unless you eat it cold. Maybe tomorrow I will be back to microwave heating! And plastic microwavable dishes. And popcorn!! yea!

I have a scripture-a-day calendar, and I thought I might add the scripture for you to enjoy, too. This month is themed "mercy."

I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.
Psalm 119:32

I also found a scripture to put on my bulletin board at school. Since our theme is God's Princesses and Warriors, the kids colored shields with markers this week. The scripture was nice:

"My shield is God Most High, who saves the upright in heart."
Psalm 7:10


  • Glad to hear you got a new microwave. It is a convenient and healthy way to make your food dollars go farther(further?)! Of course some biological stuff takes longer to zap in a microwave. (Tested at CPSES a long time ago, i.e. scorpions)

    By Anonymous Dad, at Friday, September 08, 2006 4:13:00 PM  

  • jenny, i thought it was funny that you were talking about safety in this post and then transitioned into the home depot story. because, i heard on the radio at one time that home depot was one of the most unsafest places around. that many customers die or get seriously injured there! so, maybe i should not have mentioned this...

    i don{t have a microwave these days and i find the heating leftovers is hard without one. glad you got a spiffy new one!

    By Blogger janet, at Saturday, September 09, 2006 2:42:00 PM  

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