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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I should have said . . .

I thought of some things I should have said in that last post---

First of all, I should have put "I need . . . a new microwave!" Duh. That's something that I might actually get!!

I should have also explained in the paragraph below that who Rikki is! She is one of the new ladies who is a "preschool enrichment assistant." She comes to my class and does everythimg that needs to be done. :-) She will eventually do some one-on-one activities that either assess skills or help develop those "Kindergarten readiness" skills.

Our class rules worked well last year, and I'm so proud it's going well again. I have the kids tell me what kind of rules they think we need in our class, but I get to make the first one----"Raise your hand" at Circle Time, to have a turn talking. I can't hear 5 kids at the same time! They come up with everything essential, with a little guidance.

Another great day at school. Today is my really short day with the kids---9 to 12---but I stay and get stuff ready for the month until the kids are out of school. We're off to a great start.


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