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Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

It's a holiday, and everything's good. J has gotten over his fever, and with 3 different prescription medicines, he is getting better. We are still trying to teach him to take a pill, though. He is scared of the whole thing, and he told me he keeps thinking about how he choked one time on vacation. (Larry is the one who did the Heimlich, despite the fact that I am the one who had taken CPR/First Aid.) He thinks he'll choke on this tiny pill. He doesn't think he'll choke on a huge, uncouth mouthful of food. (I think he does this because he is a pre-teen boy who just can't eat enough, fast enough.) I drew him some pictures of his insides and how big the tubes are going down his throat, how big the pill is, and the CreamSaver he choked on. It makes sense to him, but he is still trying to fake me out yesterday about swallowing the pill. Big Sigh. There are so many lessons to learn before adulthood, can I teach it all?

B's toe is better, too. We cut off the toenail part that was cracked off. It did not look as raw and open as I thought it would underneath, and I was pleased it would not be huge part of her nail gone.

Of course, Lar is working today, his regular job, from 7-3. This holiday will be taken the Wednesday before Thanksgiving! A good trade.

He worked his second job on Saturday---Kyle Field "event staff". He is standing on the corner of the students' side, near the visiting band and fans. I think he enjoyed it. He said he didn't think he had stood up so long in a long time. Also, he did not think he ever said "Howdy" so many times in so short a time span. He showed people where they sat, held back the fans as the other team (The Citadel) ran to and from their locker room, and made sure people going down the track had the right credentials.

Today, we're hanging around the house. I need to get it under control before I start the week. Tomorrow is the start of Sonshine School, so I will be pretty busy and tired after school. Brownie Scouts tomorrow, too. So today, a couple loads of laundry, mopping some floors, picking up in the living room and bedrooms. Maybe we'll see a couple of more trains this afternoon. I really hoped to get all of them, but time is short. Dinner's in the crock pot---chicken thighs (from the AngelFood Ministries, yes) to cook and make chicken tacos out of. Lunches for the week to be planned, showers to be forced upon the children. You know, it's the usual!


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