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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Angel Food Ministries

Warning: I know of at least two vegans/vegetarians who read this blog, so please don't take offense if you continue to read! :-) We are meat eaters!

I heard about this from my thrifty friend, who also is picky about the quality of her food, so I trusted her judgement! She heard about this from her neighbor. I was skeptical, but whenever I hear about something three times, I start thinking I am being led by God. (It doesn't have to be 3, but like I've said before I pay attention to threes!) I was thinking I would sign up in September, but when I visited my parents' house, my sister said she had heard of it in her town in Oklahoma. Hmm . . . then looking through the Hood County News (in Granbury), I noticed two more churches did this in Granbury. Hmm . . .

I investigated more. I couldn't find a catch, except that you get a evangelical tract when you pick up your food. I can handle that! There is no "qualifications" for getting the food----people who go to that church get them with a variety of household incomes. The food choices looked like what I buy anyway. It should feed our family of four a week or more(dinners, not really vegetables). It is $26 (here in my town), and you get a box of food worth about $50-$75. (These first two pictures are the "basic box.") They will take food stamps or cash or money orders when you order at the beginning of the month. This church will place their orders to the headquarters in Georgia, and they start preparing for distribution. The food comes at the end of the month. There is a 2 hour window to go pick up your food.

Larry went to pick it up with B. They took their big box, and went inside the church's fellowship center. He said they were so organized in there that they were out of there in 5 minutes. A teenaged boy even carried the box for them.

This last picture is our "special" box. They offered three special boxes for $18 a piece. This one I got was the bacon-wrapped special. I had 6 chicken filets, 6 beef filet steaks, and 6 pork filets. We ate the beef ones in our basic box for lunch today (with a little salad and baked potatoes). I think they were very good! I plan on using the chicken thighs in the crock pot for chicken tacos. I plan on using the ground turkey in something my sister will tell me to do. (I want her favorite ground turkey recipe!) I'll use those noodles and meatballs and canned spaghetti sauce for a yummy meal.

Here is a link for the website to
angel food ministries. Both Lar and I have been pleased with this. I know that this will help us out each month, just a bit. You can sponsor someone else to get a box of food. Our town could really use something like this. People are struggling who don't qualify for assistance. And once you get through the first month, paying up front, this month the money I don't have to spend on groceries can go toward the next box I order in a couple of weeks (by Sept 8th to be exact).

The website says that for every 40 basic boxes ordered, there should be one church worker. It made me wonder if our church could provide this ministry to the community around our church.

Pass on the info to others if you think this is of value!


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