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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fever 101.9

I ususally call a fever serious when it hits 102, so here we are with an almost freaky fever. J is responding to medicine, so the fever is coming down, but he woke feeling bad. I also start to freak out about a fever that doesn't respond to medicine. The way he feels is directly linked to how high his fever is. I have an appt. with the doctor this morning. And B wants me to have the doctor look at her toe. But that means another $20 co-pay, so I did not officially get an appointment for her. We're handling it I think.

And about the names below, I figured I was safe just mentioning first names, no last names. But my own children I'm trying to do only initials? I'm confusing myself. I'm trying to keep everyone safe. I thought I might see if I had a list of my first class's names and see if they were typical for the times. My fist class of kids was before Jamie was born---1994! Those 4 year olds are now . . . 16? What? They can drive?

And guess what has happened that has greatly impacted my life? The microwave died. Larry got the last service from it yestrday morning, and as he opened the door, it went black. B has asked me twice to pop popcorn, and I can't!

R.I.P., old microwave. I did not choose you, but you came with our house. You served me well. I now will choose your replacement, but he will probably not sit in your mounted to the wall spot (isn't that kinda expensive?).

B has suggested a red replacement, which I do kind of fancy.


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