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Friday, September 01, 2006

J is sick

Here are some pictures of my room, finally. J was putting up some last minute things on the bulletin board before the students arrived. That purple board is my standard teaching stuff. And that turquoise one, too. We do circle time back there in that corner.

This second shot is another angle of the room. It's really impossible to show the room in only two! In the foreground is a table I just had covered with paper for free drawing. (J drew a big dragon. B drew some princesses.) The table in the back is for all the manipulatives---fine motor skills, math games, puzzles, etc. They can get things out and play at the table, and after some training, they can put it back. The table on the left is my science table, and Cookie the Hamster is there this night, and some shells for touching and looking at.

I have two Saras (Sarah Kate and Sara), two Daniels, and two girls named Kaylee. That last one is a real surprise. I always alphabatize the class by their first names. I love all that name writing at the beginning. Those children start becomming mine as soon as I get the class list, and the more I write the list, the more I love them. They are mine! :-) (Parents, do not be alarmed!) Here are the class's names:
Sarah Kate

Isn't that cute? I just love their names all in a row like that.

The real reason I got on the computer to blog was that J is sick. I kept him home from school because he was coughing and sounded bad this morning. I left it up to him. He wanted to stay home. By lunch, I was ready to give him his first dose of medicine. So I made the right choice, because now he has a fever. If he still sounds funny tomorrow, like he does now, I might try to get him in to see a doctor tomorrow morning (Saturday). He breathes in, and it sounds congested or something. For some reason, I do not understand what wheezing sounds like. I know what it feels like. But I am worried I will not catch this soon enough, and he will be suffering on this holiday weekend. He got a bowl of ice cream, then medicine---one dose for fever, one dose Robitussin DM for congestion and coughing. His tummy muscles will be sore tomorrow from all his coughing. He never coughs this much. I think he hasn't been to the doctor for more than a year!

I did yoga two mornings in a row! Go me!


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