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Friday, September 01, 2006

August wrap-up

Today, September 1st, was my Grand-daddy Jamieson's birthday. He would have been 91? It is the season of my grandparents' birthdays, as my two living grandparents just celebrated their birthdays the 17th and 24th of August. Happy Birthday! Lar just had his birthday this week as well, and we are looking forward to September, now, since it is B's birthday month.

First of all, I have this picture without B's blessing.
I hope you can read this wonderful specimen of homework. This is B's first Spanish writing homework of the year, but I think of the whole time she's been in school. I have seen her writing in Spanish some, but she said she doesn't know how to write in Spanish. She knows how to say things, she knows how to guess at spellings, so I think she knows how to write in Spanish, too.

These are her spelling words of the week---the Spanish ones. They are learning about timelines and stuff like that. I was just so proud to see her learning!

Her big event of the week, though, was hurting herself last night. I was doing my Meet the Teacher night at my Sonshine School, and after the parents and kids were gone, she was out on the playground barefooted and rammed her toenail into something. It split her nail down the middle (yikes!), and I was afraid about a quarter of that nail might come off. It bled and was hurting bad. I talked to many people, to figure out what to do. She felt much better this morning, so she went off to school in flip flops, toe tied up in gauze and tape.

Last night was a crazy, exhausting night. I met 17 of my 18 kids. I did have a few extra kids in there (siblings), but it was a fun hour or so with them. So many of them know me from school anyway, so it was an easy transition. None of them seemed too scared of being there when their parents dropped them off. The parents went to an orentation meeting while we watched our classes in our rooms. I had everything ready: the kids' names everywhere in the room (cubbies, job charts, pocket charts, on the easel, in the writing center), fun activities on the tables, room rearranged to accomodate some new furniture. My mouth was dry before the night was through---I was talking to parents and kids nonstop. I had a generally great feeling about the whole experence. And as crazy as it felt in there, I know that once school gets going, it will be more settled. Having all the kids, plus all the parents makes it a bit full in that room!

I can't get a picture to post. I was going to include one or two I took last night before the kids arrived. Maybe later!

"And the Lord's servant must not quarrel; instead he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful." II Timothy 2:24


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