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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

parent-teacher conference

Yesterday when I had time to post, something wasn't working right----my connection or the Blogger site, so I didn't write a post.

Anyway, as requested, the update on the parent-teacher conference. Everything is going well for the beginning of the year. I really hope things continue as well as they have. I wanted to put some things in place so that j is successful---like gettinghim somehow to remember to take home his luchbox, or more importantly, his homework. He needs to stay on top of putting things where they belong---in folders, for example----so that things make it home like they ought to. I discussed his eyesight with the teacher, and he was already sitting up front (hmmm . . . right near the teacher's desk . . .) so his strong eye was facing front. She was going to tell the P.E. coaches about it. Ball to the head? A real possibility if it is coming at him from the left. Also I talked with her about how he needs to read more in Spanish. We really fell down on Spanish learning this summer. I was a bad Dual Language parent this summer. I really wanted the summer to be filled with theire choices, not mine so much, and I let this not happen. Because J is so resistant to Spanish. B on the other hand may take off and really learn it better than her big brother! She might become the Spanish-speaking missionary. I think his teacher (who he had for a couple of hours each day in 3rd grade, English learning time) is pleased with his behavior for the most part, and willing to work with us. It left me with a good feeling.

One thing I forgot to tell J's teacher was that to avoid big escalating conflict, sometimes you have ot just remove him from the situation and get him to cool down. He will get himself in so much trouble if he feels like he is being not heard or treated unjustly. (Now sometimes, he is just trying to make everyone else the problem, and not own up to stuff!) He gets defensive. And his mouth takes off, trying to prove his point loudly or with very harsh words. But he is better and better every year. To help him deal with things successfully, you have to let him cool down. He has remorse, but not right in the middle of a conflict. And most importantly, he needs to feel like he is being heard.

I'll write more about a weird situation with J's music teacher yesterday. I am running off to my job today---no time to check my bad typing errors!


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