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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I am what I am (and that's all that I am)

I am not the "great "I AM." But here are some ideas of what I am.

I am . . . always striving for self-improvement.

I wish . . . I did not have to worry about money.
I hate . . . being wrong.
I miss . . . being in the flag corps! Go Pirates!
I hear . . . too many cartoon shows in my house

I wonder . . . what my kids will be like when they grow up.
I regret . . . ever getting involved with a credit card!
I am not . . . a person who likes confrontation.

I dance . . . in a way that embarasses J.
I sing . . . alto at church, and it's fun!
I cry . . . every time I see someone get a new home (like on Extreme Home Makeover shows or on Oprah, or people who get Habitat for Humanity homes.)

I am not always . . . revealing everything I think.
I make . . . really good chocolate chip cookies. Really good. With butter and not shortening. Yum . . .
I write . . . very carefully for my little four-year-old students.
I confuse . . . Christmas Eve and New Years Eve
I need . . . an extra day in the week to do things I love to do.
I should . . . stop drinking Coke and exercise more.
I start . . . every school year with great expectations!

I finish . . . a bag of microwave popcorn by myself. (Although right now I have no microwave to use! Can I complain about that a little more?)

I started Sonshine School today, and with Rikki in my class, it went so smoothly. I really felt like doing a flip at the end of the day it went so well. But I was pretty tired, and I don't know how to do flips. I can do a cartwheel, though. :-) I had those kids sitting down and making their rules for their class, and one boy, who shall remain nameless, of course, did something amazing. He kept throwing stuff. little things, like plastic veggies or a car from the block center. At one point, we put a rule down, #9 "No throwing." We can throw balls outside. Or in the gym. Anyway, after the 12th time I got on to him about this, I told him, "You have got to stop. I am counting on you to be a big kid, here, and lead the class on a right path." Later, He was over at our rules chart paper, and he told another kid, "See? Number 9 says, 'no throwing.' " Yea! success on the first day!


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