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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt, Sept. 20th

This week's theme is road. When I heard about this theme, I knew I had some pictures I could use. But as it turned out, I went on a road trip and took pictures this week. I was not officially in a hurricane evacuation zone, but I evacuated myself to my Mom's house, 3 hours north and west---the best direction to drive to get away from a hurricane, by the way.

This road is just south of Glen Rose, Texas. It seems to go forever.
I had to add the "Tree in the Road" that's a landmark to my sister and parents. There's really a triangle of grass in the road that supports this old tree. And you can't even tell it from the picture, anyway. I guess I am adding it only for the nostalgic feeling I have for it. Twenty-five years ago, I was barrelling past this tree in the road every school day on the bus.

My area of the world is still being affected by Hurricane Ike. There are schools still not open. Towns just 15 miles away, in every direction! West of us, Caldwell finally got power. South and East of us is the worst of the damage. The eye went along I-45, so towns directly east of here are Huntsville and Madisonville. I think things are rolling along getting better. Even to our North tons like Franklin still didn't have power on Wednesday.

I prayed for protection to our town, and we kind of sat in a bubble of normalcy this week. So many people were using or town as a means of support--for an electrified grocery store, for a supply of generators (yes, we've had some more brought in!), for gasoline (I never saw any stations run out here), for shelter. Reed Arena still is housing very vulnerable patients from nursing homes.

One day last week, our community raised over $100,000 to donate to those in shelters in this area, and the people were going to get $50 a person for everyday expenses like gas or food or washing clothes. The laundromats are hopping around here!

It has been an interesting experience. And now with the Miami Hurricanes breezing in this weekend for a football game at A&M, it was a delicate situation. There were people in the hotels from the coast, but they were going to have to leave because the rooms had been booked since last fall for the Aggie and Miami fans. Which, by the way, have to buy two nights minimum for game weekends, at a higher price. Many fans gave up their rooms voluntarily, and Miami even gave back some tickets that they decided they wouldn't sell to fans because of this hotel situation.

People are good. Mostly what I've seen this week is a spirit of generosity, sacrifice, and understanding. :-)

Next week's photohunt theme is view. Check out TNChick for some more Internet road trips.

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