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Thursday, August 02, 2007

it's a cruel, cruel summer . . . *

I wanted to put in a quick note today about what's going on. We have some cool air in the living room, and my kids are sleeping in the living room. My room is not too bad, so I'm going in there to sleep. Thank you for those air conditioners! I got some bleach water out to clean them up a bit, and things seem better.

Larry's dad is apparently going to go to a nursing home in West. The mystery is solved after talking to the step-mom's daughter. The wife (not Larry's mom) was just very insistent that he needed to come home, and after only one night, she admits she just can't handle it herself. So tomorrow they're going to move him someplace else, closer to their present home. Of course it would have been nice to know all this ahead of time. Larry was signing all the papers to get him in the place he was in, so how did they move him out without even a call beforehand? Just special! (as M.A. would say.)

On to bed. I know the kids will be up early tomorrow morning, after getting to sleep late tonight. Just can't be helped---at least it's summer! 6th grade camp for J in one week! School in just 25 days!

*That is Bananarama!


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