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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I finished!!

I did get done with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Yea! (Don't look at that link if you don't want to know about the book's ending!). I am dying to talk to anyone who is ready to discuss it! On the other hand, I hate to blog about it too soon, and spoil anything for others. So I'll wait. But my enthusiasm is probably today at its height! ;-)

Today we had two more bad news items: Our car battery and the air conditioner.

The car battery was a problem yesterday. I thought we just left a door open or something. But today, as I was trying to leave---late---for a movie where I had 3 other families meeting us there, of course, the car would not make a sound as I turned the key. One good thing out of this is the little girl I was picking up, her Mom came and got us in her truck. It was nice to spend time with them (we were going to the library after the movie to pick up the prizes for the reading club), but also nice to have someone that was willing to rescue us in a dilemma. The good news on this front is that it was under warranty, and Wal-Mart replaced it for free. yea!

The other thing---the really expensive thing---is that we finally had an expert come look at our air conditioner, and it is just going to have to be replaced. Okay, is anyone keeping track here? I already don't have carpet in the living room and my bedroom, no dishwasher, no dryer and now this!! Ug! Not to mention the toilet filling up extremely slowly in our master bathroom, my horrible tooth, and the light bulb broken off in my living room ceiling fan. I could go on, but these are enough to get me some sympathy, right? ;-)

So everything in the house seems to be falling apart. As I was putting B to bed just now, she said, "Mamma, I think all these things falling apart kinda bring us together. And I think things will be okay." She's right---Things will be okay. We can survive. We are a team working together. God is in control---so maybe we need to be humbled a bit for some reason? I have felt like my 20s were all about humbling me. Maybe the lesson continues into the 30s?

More income is on the horizon---I'm working an extra day this coming school year. I even have a raise in my wage. We can get this stuff under control---eventually.

Another good thing about today was discussing the Deathly Hallows with a teen volunteer at the library. I was so excited, I told the librarian that I saw her quoted in the paper, about Harry Potter books. So she and the teen girl talked to me about that a bit, and then I blurted out, "I finished the book this morning---have you finished? I want to talk about it!" So the librarian made her exit (not finished yet, she said), and I talked to this girl about the book for at least 15 minutes. :-) Just so fun!

So if anyone wants to discuss any of it, e-mail me or leave a comment! :-) Or better yet, call me!



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