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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Camp Update

If you haven't read the post below, read it first---I guess!

After leaving for church camp later than anticipated because of creeks and rivers that were over the road, the campers got over to the area and still couldn't safely get to camp! Can you believe that? So what do you do with 20 kids and three vans and a trailer of luggage? Well, they were off to Medina Children's Home in Medina, TX. The kids from our church are going to stay there tonight, but all our adult driving chaperones were driving back here tonight. Some of our adult chaperones that are going to camp and staying are already there---they had to be there Saturday to get training before the campers arrived. The Children's Home staff will drive them to camp tomorrow. Huh! I hope so anyway!

Medina Children's Home is a Church of Christ-run home for kids and even mothers with kids who have no other means to support themselves.

When I was in college at A&M, I went to two different children's' homes on "weeklongs" we called them. We college students would go right before and right after the spring semesters, for a week (duh). During the day, we would do odd jobs around the camp---repairs, cleaning out, cooking, etc. When the kids got home from school, we were there to play with the kids and entertain them. We slept in the houses with the house parents. It was fun, and heartbreaking at the same time. I went up to Morrilton, Arkansas, twice, and to Foster's Home for Children in Stephenville, Texas.

It must have been after Larry and I were already engaged that this little girl in my house watched me watch Larry out a window. He was probably out there playing football or something. This little girl was about 6, and she said to me, "He's in your heart, isn't he?" Awww! Why yes, he is, little observant one! ;-)

At any rate, I am wondering what J is doing tonight, who's watching over him,when he'll actually get to camp, if he's behaving himself, whether he's a little bit scared or uncomfortable, and just that he's okay! Say a little prayer for him!

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