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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Theme----Heat

I hope my sister doesn't kill me for posting this shot! She looks good, actually, but you can see it's HOT.
I considered all the hot spots in my life---B's track meets, recess at school, at the pool, in the yard, the fire fighter's training school in town, etc. And let me be clear----I do not take the heat well! I live in the air conditioning whenever I can. I don't really like the summer sun; I burn really easily.
Lots of my shots were of me and my family trying to beat the heat. Jumping in the pool, or sitting in the shade. I thought these shots didn't really capture all the heat my part of the world has to offer!
But I found this shot from last year's 4th of July parade that fits the bill exactly. We were sitting in front of the funeral home for our view of the Granbury parade. I suppose this is before the hour-long parade had even started, and my little niece had already lost her patience. And how hot is my sister? :-)
Check out more Thursday Themes at Picture This by Tracey at Club Mom. :-) And please leave me a short comment! I love to go visit other's blogs and see blogs from all around the world.



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