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Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday's Feast, July 6th

Today's Feast questions are brought to you by Michael at Valtool's Box.
This picture is brought to you by ME, and the vendor in Granbury we bought it from. Yummies on the Square. I should have taken a picture of my Shepherd's Tacos---seasoned pork strips, lettuce, tomatoes, generous amount of cilantro (I love it!), onions, and a HOT green sauce. Mom got a good Gyro, too, that was beautiful enough for a picture. I couldn't carry my food and the camera at the same time---That's why there were no pictures! ;-)
Now, on to the Feast!
Appetizer - What was the first job you ever had?
I guess I had babysitting jobs first. The first job I went to regularly was next door with the kids there. I got there when their Mom left for work, and I watched them for a month, I think.
Soup - (Taken from Bravo’s Inside the Actor’s Studio) - Name a profession you have always wanted to try.
Salad (also from the Actor’s Studio) - Name a profession you would NEVER want to try.
Soldier---I am just not cut out for anything like combat. I admire those who can go in my place! I think I might die from fright and anxiety, or the hot conditions that would be in Iraq.
Entree - (also from the Actor’s Studio) - What is your favorite sound in the world?
Frying bacon. The opening notes of the Harry Potter movies. Silence. Laughter. The ocean.
Dessert - (and from the Actor’s Studio) - If there is a Heaven, what would you like to hear from God when you arrive?
Well, done, good and faithful servant!



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