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Monday, July 02, 2007

Best Shot Monday----Outfit

I posted this on my photo blog---Project 363---already, but I think it was the best shot of the week. Natural light at the front door, wardrobe by B herself. My necklace, B's hat, hand-me-down shirt, side ponytail on the right.

My little girl is growing up and appearance matters to her. I know those distresses of the teen years are coming to her. My hair won't do right! I don't have anything cool to wear! My face is breaking out! What will everyone think if I wear this? Ug. It's a time of great internal angst. I hope she will work with what natural gifts she has, and not be too self critical (like I was). And I hope she will not be too critical of others.

See others' Best Shots at Tracey's Picture This blog. :-)



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