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Monday, June 25, 2007

Best Shot Monday----Sisters

The only bad thing about Best Shot Monday is, I usualy share my best shots of the week on my other blog! I actually am most fond of this picture, of one of my daughter's friends and her two month old baby sister, at the track meet Thursday. So this is truly my best shot.

But . . . I am fond of these also! These are more of my artsy shots---taken for the sake of form, and not to document my own family's life. Does that make sense? Art!

I took this first one at track practice. I was trying to take a picture of the sun. Maybe I'm the only one fascinated by clouds, though.

This next one is also at the track. It's the lines I like about this. I had been walking around this track for two weeks before I took the camera up there and took this picture I had been planning.

The last one should be entitled "Effort". I think of all the shots at the meet this week, this one really shows the effort these kids are putting forth in their running.

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