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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday's Theme---Imagine

Can you Imagine . . .

* why this little girl is playing dead?

* what this boy is saying to her---or his buddies

* why someone would need a map of India?

Can you Imagine . . .

*why her friend died, too?

*why she is wearing a nightgown? or what the nightgown might be instead of a nightgown?

* why another little boy had to get in on the action here?

Can you Imagine . . .

* why this little girl brought these tools and toys to the scene?

* what they are going to do?

* that this stroller was used for baby dolls and shopping and as a doctor's car?

These images from my preschool classroom last year are precious to me. The kids are full of imagination. They use what they have to make their story go the way they want. They use objects creatively. They join in the fun and sometimes get excluded by others. They imagine scenarios that I never would have thought of. They use the imaginations of others---their friends and things they see in TV shows and movies---to jump start their own imagining.

In some ways, this is the last big year for imagination. Even in kindergarten, their little lives get structured, and all their time is taken up with thinking about what we tell them to think about. This is the last great hope for us all---imaginations to think of new ways to solve old problems, to think about the world with new eyes.

Every year I get a fresh batch of new eyes to share my workdays with. They're full of potential, they're still hopeful (most of them!), they're excited about new things, they are joyful! I am blessed. Imagine!

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