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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Summer Schedule

We're adjusting to a new schedule----B has started Track Camp, and her age group meets at 8:00 a.m. I am not complaining (I'm a morning person anyway), since the temperatures are the coolest at this time of day. But we had gotten in the habit of staying up late and getting up late (for us). So this week we have to get ourselves up and moving! And all three of us are moving. I have been walking laps while B has practice. And J has been walking with me. He took his stopwatch on Tuesday and timed himself on a mile. He tried to beat it today and was just a few seconds slower. We have to sort of walk around the groups out on the track, though---the high school guys are there doing stuff and our group of kids was using the other side of the track. But this is my son who I had to force to walk last year. I made him do one lap to start! Now he's walking more than a mile on his own. It's something we both needed.

Also this week is J's Troupe Camp. He has been going in at 12:30 to do classes all afternoon and practices for his performance on Thursday night. He did dance on Monday---a hip-hop class and another one where he learned salsa. "I'm pretty good at salsa!" he told me! ;-) On Tuesday he did classes on acting. I think he was paying attention---he had lots to share with us. Today it was only one session on acting for the camera. This week so far has been just our group from here in our town. But tomorrow, the other kids from around the state will come. The conference will begin! I am hoping J can meet other kids and see a bigger picture of what he can do with acting. He has a small solo in the show tomorrow night! I'm excited to see him perform. He will be reporting to camp in the morning for three days, and up late all the nights with the social stuff of TNT Youth Conference.

B and I went swimming this afternoon. I got the pool punch pass. It's $25 for 25 entries into any pool in our town. Yea! We were at the pool with a family we know, adn then another family showed up, so that was fun. At the time I was about ready to leave, another friend showed up, and we just couldn't leave without playing longer. I have a couple of funny burned spots---B was spraying the sunscreen on me! I am really tired. And B is too. She has had her softball games and practices in the evenings on top of all this other stuff! Whew!

But I'm loving it. I don't think I've ever been more excited to have summer here. (I mean as a mother!) I've made a master calendar on the computer with all the library events (my kids are almost too old for all this stuff!) and the movies we can go see for a dollar. I realized as we were sitting in a $1 movie yesterday after track, that we were actually watching a DVD! No previews, ads or anything before the film, just a screen that said, "DVD/VCR" I was laughing at myself for going to the movies to see a DVD I could rent myself. ;-) But it was on a giant screen.

Happy Summer!



  • SOunds like your summer will be as busy and full of fun as I've got mine lined up to be! Paris is pooped from all the outside time we'vebeen spending. We're headed to the $! movies today to see Anastasia. Other than Wed. and Thurs. we are out the door and playing outside every morning of the week. Enjoy it!

    By Blogger sarahdawn, at Thursday, June 07, 2007 7:27:00 AM  

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