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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

I don't know if you could watch this without getting a tear in your eye. I couldn't! I found this on a blog I read regularly on Club Mom---Three Sons and a Princess. The blog author is a military wife about to go to Korea.

This video might have been more appropriate for Armed Forces Day---which is the third Saturday in May. (It passed us by---did you even know?) This video honors those in the service currently. But it does have a part about those who have gone on, in service to our country and in our stead. Do some "remembering" on Memorial Day!

This Memorial Day, I am getting my kids to make cards for troops for the 4th of July. I found a lady who's getting some together, so I'll mail the ones I have to her. Her blog is called Yikes! and she has instructions at the top of her blog if you'd like to join in!


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