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Monday, June 04, 2007

We Oughta Be in Pictures . . .

It's summertime, and I'm playing along with Tracey C. at Picture This. She has been doing her "Best Shot Mondays" for a while, and I haven't played along. I am going to give you a shot---my favorite of the week---every Monday. This week it's a little sad, but I like it.

This was after a losing game, and I think her emotion is written all over her face. Or maybe my Mommy radar is detecting it because I know her well! Look at those eyebrows!

Also, Tracey is hosting a theme picture day, and this week it's "spin." Thursdays I'll try to post a picture in her Thursday Theme. This is along with what I am already doing----Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, hosted by TNChick. AND you know, I have a photo blog, one picture a day, at Project 363. It's really a slice of my life. I'm already almost halfway through the year!

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