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Friday, June 08, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, June 9th

Join in the Photo Hunt by visiting TNChick. Look at others' choices for the Hunt!

This week's hunt theme is Shoes.

I just had to get new shoes for both the kids. Yes, school just got out, and I'm buying shoes! J needed black closed-toe shoes for his performance this week, and we got these dress shoes. B needed new tennis shoes for running in track camp. She had been wearing the same shoes all school year, and when we got these new ones, they were two sizes bigger!

Can you see the sizes in the shoes? J---a man's size 9!!! Yikes! B---a girl's size 4.

This picture is really more about the nails than the shoes. I've been wanting to post pictures of my toenails. B and I have painted them in honor of her softball team---lime green and black! I wanted to go with less black than her, so I did little flowers on my big toes. She did little Fs (for Firecrackers) on her big toes. But we have matching shoes---she is big enough now to get the smallest woman's size in these flip-flops.

I am putting some new pictures on my Project 363 blog. Please have a look at those.

Next week's theme is Hair. I hope you'll come back! I love to read your comments. Thanks!



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