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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Theme----Glee

This is my submission for Thursday's Theme---Glee. Thursday Theme is hosted by Tracey at Picture This at Club Mom. Check out her photo and see links to other gleeful pics in her comment section.

This is at my workplace, and the teacher involved is my co-worker Connie. This event, as messy as it is, was one of the most gleeful moments we had last year in all its preschool glory. We were having Pajama Day (one of my favorite days anyway), and for only the second year, we have combined this with Snow Day. Just know that we don't get snow here in out part of Texas, so this is as good as it gets! ;-) We have loads of packing peanuts and the kids are able to jump in them, make little snow angels, throw it around, bury themselves in it, and generally have a free for all they couldn't do at their home.

I think in this picture they were burying Ms. Connie, and as you can see, both teacher and kids were gleeful!

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