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Friday, June 29, 2007


I thought I was going to scrapbook tonight. But now it's already 9:00, and I haven't even gotten started! I am a person who really can't journal after 9 at night. My brain is beginning to shut down already.

Stuff is happening in my life. Stuff!! Some of this stuff is unbloggable. But let me say that things are really changing.

Some of the areas of my life that I thought were so stable, the parts that I went to to be in control and stay sane, these areas of my life are kinda shaky. I have questions that can't even be answered because it's not all about ME.

But here's what I've been thinking about that I can talk about.
  • I am so enjoying summer with the kids. June activities are almost all wrapped up.
  • B is done with all her track camp and all her softball. B will get to go to the Regional meet in July, so some practice will still happen. But gone are the mornings we wake up to be at the track at 8:00!
  • J is at his opening night of Godspell Junior tonight, which is the end product of acting camp. He will have this weekend and next weekend all busy with performances. I got to see the end scene of the show, and it is VERY emotional for the actors---who are from 8 to 18. They're kids playing parts in the story of Jesus, but the emotion in the crucifixion scene was pretty real. I see it for the first time on Sunday afternoon.
  • Swimming is happening, and tanlines are forming. I would love to show you the difference between B's very tan legs and her little white bottom! I won't! But it's amazing to me that she is my child since I do not tan in the slightest. J is busy when the pool is open,so he hasn't gotten his tan yet. He won't tan like B, but he's better off than I.
  • Medical mysteries abound around me. My BIL had a scare in the middle of the night, with pains like a heart attack. He's only in his 30s! They called 911 and had him all checked out, but thankfully, it was not a heart attack! It was a side effect (a rare one!) of a medicine he was taking. Another mystery is tearing up one of my friends. She has tremors and is throwing up, and has pains in her back from an injury. The doctors are not giving her relief with anything that's happened so far. Today was another appt., and her husband was going with her, hopefully to voice some concerns to get something moving in her care.
  • Money is tight. I'm having to train the kids to think differently about stuff like eating out and getting extra "stuff." It's not totally fun.
  • I had a good Creative Memories Day! I had two sales today, and they were more than $200 together!
  • Crafts are really keeping us busy around here when there is down time. We bought some Perler beads and J is making all kinds of animal shapes in the colors of super heroes. B is making all kinds of cute things. We're still knitting and drawing and making things of clay!

I have a lot of other stuff, but now it's after ten. Part of this hour I spent watching a play of the Littlest Pet Shop toys---B had them do a play for me. It was a hit with the whole audience!


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