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Thursday, July 12, 2007


First and foremost, simmering behind what's right in front of me, is my heart for Larry and his dad. Larry's dad was put into the ICU yesterday, and Larry is away with Bess 100-something miles away visiting the hours he's allowed to. He is in his 80s, and about 2 weeks ago, he had a stomach bug. He got some better, but he never did get back to a normal appetite. He was going downhill. After a doctor's visit on Monday, his bloodwork came back on Wednesday and the numbers were not good. The doctor wanted to see him again, so he went to the doctor's office, and an ambulance took him from there right to ICU.

Larry went on up there and since B was supposed to run up there on Friday and Saturday in a track meet, she went on with him---her choice. So half my family is away from me, and I'm thinking about them all the time.

It's hard to think about what might happen in the end with all this. We just know things have not been very normal for L's Dad for a long while. Larry took his papers up ther that show he is the medical power of attorney. Yes, it's that serious! Then again, we might see a good recovery if they can get him hydrated and some nutrition in him.

On a more fun note, this was our day to go see the new Harry Potter movie. Since we knew we'd be apart, and we knew Lar and B couldn't sit at the hospital the whole time they were up there, we both thought we'd take the kid we have in our care to the movies today despite the current situation. They got to go to an 11:00 show up there, and J and I went at 11:30 here.

As the house lights went down and the big WB floated towards me, and I listened to the opening notes of the movie----I was just excited to be there! I had been anticipating this movie with the kids for weeks, and it was finally here!

I read the book for this one---Book 5---last month. I now wish I hadn't! almost. :-) I sat through this one thinking about how they left out great chunks of story and characters---they always have to! They condense the book into the movie format, and it's not the same. But I did enjoy the movie. I enjoyed that Harry is getting older. I really enjoyed the Weasley twins, and Ginny Weasley---she will have a bigger role next movie! But they were already hinting at the greatness of Ginny in this movie, and I loved it. She's my favorite character. Our names being homophones----that's maybe a reason?

I have to finish up here. I'm sure I have some more thogughts on HP! I plan on doing some HP websurfing tonight! ;-)

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