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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Thoughts

I just sent J off to church camp with 19 other kids. He seemed really excited to be going. He's been two years before, so this is not new to him, and he and I took care to really pack him well.

(This picture seems to paint a different picture, though!)

They had a delay right from the start, though! We got to church this morning expecting the kids to load up after a devo in the annex. They were going to leave about 10 a.m., but people at camp called and said they didn't want the kids to arrive until later in the afternoon. Apparently, the roads to camp were flooded over after some heavy rain yesterday! (This is not good for an already worried mother to hear.) So off they went after lunch instead, about 1:00.

Yes! We did get the Harry Potter book at a midnight release "party" at a Hastings here. Very fun. There were some people dressed up, but J and B chickened out with their costumes. J asked, "Can you drive by the windows before we park?" He looked in the store and decided that there were too few others wearing costumes, so he took off his Black grad gown and witch's hat. B followed his lead. She had been wearing an old Darth Maul cape (with hood) and was carrying a broom. They looked good, but oh, well! Inside there were some kids dressed up, a lady reading Tarot cards and maybe some fun activities we missed. We only got there at 11:30.

After leaving the store, we read about one chapter before turning in for the night---I just can't stay awake if I'm being read to after midnight! Imagine that! I got up early and commandeered the book and read through 8 chapters yesterday. It's good! I'm already enjoying it. My favorite character is Ginny Weasley. She's smart and spunky. I was hoping she would be involved with Harry, Hermione, and Ron as they start on the tasks that Dumbledore left Harry. We'll see!

We talked with a teen at church who is a big HP fan, and she said she went to Wal-Mart and just read the last chapter. Doh! I told her not to tell me anything!! But she did tell me a little bit!

Larry's Dad seems to be holding steady. I have no news there. Larry didn't go up there yesterday like I thought he might----we were dealing with a leaky air conditioner yesterday morning! Larry and B got up in the attic. Ug! I will have to try to come up with some money for a pro to go look at it eventually. For now, it's not leaking. Seems like insulation is getting in the drip tray and clogging things up! But anyway, Larry didn't go to his Dad yesterday.

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