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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, July 21st

Today's Hunt theme is tiny. I thought of this picture right away when I thought of the theme! When B was born, in 1998, she was about 2 and a half weeks early. I don't know if it was because of that or what, but her feet seemed really tiny for her. Or maybe I was already used to J's almost three-year-old feet, I don't know. I LOVED her little baby feet. So I took this picture with my film camera, and hoped for the best until I got the pictures back. Just perfect in my opinion! ;-)
Visit TNChick at her blog, and see others' take on the theme of Tiny. Next week's theme is Creative. You know I have a lot of that going on around here! ;-)
This next week is without J---he's off to church camp tomorrow morning and will come home next saturday afternoon. Whew! I'll miss him, but he is going to have a blast.

And in honor of my anniversary yesterday, I present a photo I scanned in just now. This was at our wedding reception, July 20, 1991. I was a baby of 20 years old, Larry, just 21. I DO believe we have made it this long. I didn't have a doubt then, and I don't now. What I can't believe is all the stuff that has happened since then, how our plans have all gone awry (ha!), how much we did not know, how much we would have changed after these 16 years.



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