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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

And the beat goes on . . .

Okay, I have not been blogging much since I have had NO AIR conditioning for a few days here. I will be getting a window unit tomorrow (why didn't I think of this earlier?) to tide us over until we can get the financing in place for the whole A/C unit to be replaced. I have had SO many people offering to help me this afternoon. I really hit a low point at lunch time today. My Mom called right after lunch, and I was just sure she had felt my bad vibes from 180 miles away or something! ;-)

Larry's Dad was going to go home today. He is doing some better, he is eating some better, and he didn't really need the care that the room he was in was designed for. Did that make any sense? The bad thing is, Larry wasn't really informed about it until it was already happening. He wasn't up there this past weekend, hasn't been able to go for a while now, and it's just a weird situation. Step families can be so great!

The kids and I are enjoying the break from school, and counting down the days to junior high and 3rd grade. Monday the 27th is the big day!! This is the longest summer ever----we usually start back around the 16th. I'm trying to enjoy this, but with the crankiness that comes from being hot (my crankiness, I really mean!), sometimes we are just ready to be apart. Thank goodness for playdates. :-)


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