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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Restful evening

I think I am in a slight funk for a few days now, but things are not bad tonight. I am rested. I watched the colorized version of "Miracle on 34th Street" with B tonight. I was in my pajamas at 8. I ate a bowl of ice cream. (As an aside---this was the first time B saw this movie, and she is adamant she still believes in Santa. She even said she was sad that little girl actress had to pretend she didn't believe in Santa to do the movie. Complex thought! I kept saying to her that by the end, even the grownups believed in Kris Kringle. Did I place any extra doubts in her head?)

I am feeling positive again. But it wasn't before I went through some bad negative thoughts today. I wasn't finished negative thinking until this evening. And maybe I'm still not done, but if there was a graph of my emotions, I am rising back up towards positive. Whew!

I have no reason to Really complain. I am surrounded by some people in real pain. Tough life situations that I don't have to deal with right now. I have a lot of material I can pray for in the nights when I wake up. My life is simple compared to some of this stuff.

I am including some Thanksgiving pictures of my family and my sister's family.

Aren't we cute?

Christmas Joys for the day:

  • I played my Chipmunks CD for my pre-school class today. One kids said, "I know this song but with different voices." That was funny! Another kid said, "Oh! I like those mouse kids." I am assuming he meant the chipmunks! Haha again!

B got to open the Lego Advent Calendar window for today, and she built a very cool luggage scanner. The theme is an airport, if you couldn't guess. I can get the kids out of bed every morning by saying, "Oh, I wonder what's new in the calendar today??" We have a guy with some barracades (spelling?) and another guy I can't tell what his job is supposed to be---he has a airplane on his jacket like a pilot, but he is wearing a red cap and he is holding what we think are lights to direct the planes into position. Pictures will come at some point.

My little class got to sing a couple of songs in front of the church's Christmas Tea and Bazaar---and it was really cute despite our not having a lot of time to prepare.

I was proud to go eat pizza with the UIL participants this afternoon at J's school. If Larry or I could have gotten away from our respective workplaces, we could have gotten a free Jason's Deli meal today for lunch in thanks for being a UIL coach (Better than CiCi's, I think!). But the pizza was good enough, and J was glad to go home 15 minutes early.


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