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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Joy Post #3

This is the last one I am naming "Joy post" anything! subject matter for the titles from here on out.

I missed yesterday---my plan for daily posting has already gone awry!

Here's the joy of yesterday

  • I worked on my papers for my CDA resource file---my "statements of competency" as they're called. I am done except for some cutting out of things. I went too long on some of them, and they need to be concise. But hey!! The hard part is done and I am taking that test on Friday.
  • I got to eat out with my workmates at a good steak place last night. I ate STEAK and a loaded baked potato. Yummy! Good conversation and good food are a winning combo.
  • I went to see a movie with these same friends---two great events packed into one evening. We saw "The Nativity Story" which was good, seeing as we are a church-related group. I give it a thumbs up. But seing as it was after 11, I was trying to fall asleep about the time Jesus was born. My feeling I was left with was that Mary was just such a young girl, and Joseph was such a good hero of a Dad. Of course there were lots of story ideas put in that aren't specifically in the Bible, and it made it come to life. Like Mary's parents were having trouble paying taxes, and that Joseph sort of saved Mary by becomming her betrothed. Saved her from being siezed to pay off the family's tax debt, as we saw with another family. Of course there were three wise men, and they came to the baby on his birth night, and so those two details bothered me, because I don't think that's accurate. There were three gifts, but three wise men? The Biible doesn't say. But I am digressing---it was a good enjoyable movie night with friends. I sat next to the girl with the 8 month old, and the girl who's pregnant. Of all the women with us, these two were most likely to be weepy about the baby scenes, I thought!
  • My 3-qt. pot. It comes in handy so often!

I am throwing out all the Thanksgiving leftovers today. You know they're all over a week old? you need to throw all yours out, too, if you still have them hanging around!


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