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Sunday, November 19, 2006

UIL Meet Pictures

This is the group from J's school who competed in events. This isn't everyone---all of these are 5th graders except one. I think there were about 35-40 kids who competed. Each student could only pick one event to do.

This is the high school cafeteria, a shot from the second floor. There were 19 elementary schools competing. All of these are in our town----it was a district meet only. It's a bunch of kids, isn't it?

I don't know who took this picture! But that is our J, being dramatic in the cafeteria where everyone waited. They were supposed to dress in their "Sunday clothes" for the meet.

This next one is of J hanging around with other kids from his class at school. I took it with the Zoom and he didn't know it. Heehee!

This picture is Lar with the girl who won 4th place in Number Sense. Larry coached the kids for an hour Friday mornings at school for the last month or so. In this competition, the kids have math problems, and they work as fast as they can. They do not "show their work" at all, and they cannot erase anything! J did not place, but I think he had a good time anyway. The hardest part about these competitions is that you have a bunch of kids together here who are used to being the tops, and still, someone has to lose!

This is B's new coat. It's from Target. She has finally outgrown her "Dalmation coat." Her arms were sticking out too much this year. And, frankly, it looked like a dirty dog sitting there anyway. J on the other hand, is still wanting to wear his coat that he got in 1st grade! I'm happy to not be spending money on that, but I will buy this boy a coat if he needs it. If he's happy with it, though, I am not messing with it.


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